Solution Showcase


At the Senior Leadership Conference, attendees will learn the latest revenue-producing and expense-saving programs from the industry’s leading companies.

Here we highlight another of the six Solution Showcase sessions.  Additional sessions will be highlighted soon.

Enabling Reach and Revenue: Lineup Innovation and Client Success
Host: Michael Mendoza, Founder and CIO, Lineup Systems

Learn how Lineup is continuing to innovate by helping clients increase advertising revenue and audience monetization.

Among the additional Solution Showcase sessions:

Better Together: Where 25 Years of Newspaper Partnership will Take Us Next
Host: Stopher Bartol, Founder,

Join's founder Stopher Bartol as he discusses his company’s longstanding and evolving commitment to newspapers and how Legacy’s latest investments are already adding value for clients.

AI and the Future of Newsroom Efficiency
Host: Tony Bangert, CRO, BLOX Digital

Join us for a glimpse into the future of digital content creation with Bob Woodward, VP of Community Media at Woodward Communications. In this dynamic exchange, we’ll discuss how AI can ethically augment the efficiency of the modern newsroom. We’ll also explore how innovative tools like BLOX Digital’s Smart Cropping are enhancing productivity at Woodward Communications. Finally, we’ll preview the cutting-edge AI tools under development at BLOX Digital.

Solving Today's Newsroom Challenges: Newsday's Success Story
Host: Chris Freeman, account executive, Atex

Join us for an interactive presentation with Jack Millrod, director of editorial technology at Newsday, and Chris Freeman of Atex. Learn how Newsday has overcome newsroom challenges with innovative solutions such as content budgeting, multichannel workflows and visual storytelling tools. We'll discuss how Newsday is able to excel in today's leaner environment and get a preview of their next steps, including the introduction of AI-assisted SEO tools. Discover how to reach and engage audiences in the digital age and get insights that you can apply to your own newsroom.

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