New READ LOCAL ad campaign is now available to newspapers — at no cost — in print, digital format

America's Newspapers is making a new marketing  campaign available to all newspapers that encourages readers to: Shop Local. Eat Local. Read Local.

Newspapers can download this series of print and social media ads at no cost.  The print ads include space for the name or logo of the newspaper publishing them. 


Our Annual Meeting

Thank you to our October conference sponsors!

Our Conference Sponsors are integral players in the future of the newspaper industry.  We encourage you to talk with them during the Senior Leadership Conference and learn about the many ways they can help you increase your audience reach and improve your bottom line.

Industry News

Sen. Rubio introduces Section 230 legislation to crack down on Big Tech algorithms and protect free speech

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has introduced legislation to halt Big Tech’s censorship of Americans, defend free speech on the internet, and level the playing field to remove unfair protections that shield massive Silicon Valley firms from accountability. The Disincentivizing Internet Service Censorship of Online Users and Restrictions on Speech and Expression (DISCOURSE) Act would hold Big Tech responsible for complying with pre-existing obligations per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996 and clarify ambiguous terms that allow Big Tech to engage in censorship.

2021 Sales Compensation Study will help your newspaper remain competitive in hiring

There have been so many changes to sales teams over the past year due to the pandemic. Many companies have downsized, more companies are utilizing part-time sellers and embracing remote work, and compensation has been all over the place. Now, as we ease out of the pandemic, companies are rebuilding and find themselves struggling to hire in an extremely competitive job market.

How can you best compete to hire the top sellers? The first step is to share your information in our annual America’s Newspaper/Editor and Publisher/Media Staffing Network Sales Compensation Study.

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