How the Border Belt Independent provides deep-dives for North Carolina newsrooms

Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: As a digital news start-up, the Border Belt Independent partners with local newspapers to provide them with long-form stories at no cost. It helps grow our audience and provides them with in-depth reporting their readers expect.
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In this piece, GIJN speaks with leaders in audience engagement and masters of story promotion at nonprofit outlets globally to share best practices to avoid one of journalism’s deadliest sins: great investigative reporting that no one notices.
The rules could drastically transform how people in this conservative state access social media and the internet, and if successful, serve as a model for other states to enact similar legislation.
Federal immigration policies are the focus of Supreme Court arguments on Monday, this time with the First Amendment on the line.
The Batavia Daily News and its sister publication the Livingston County News have been purchased by Sample News Group. The company purchased four publications in total from Watertown, NY-based Johnson Newspaper Corporation (JNC). The deal also includes the Oswego County News, and the Oswego Shopper.
The 68-year-old progressive publication, which published Ronnie Dugger, Molly Ivins and Kaye Northcott, hit financial troubles and wasn’t able to broaden its audience, board members said.
"Thousands of journalists and media outlets use TikTok to share news stories. Millions of Americans use it to consume news. And who knows how many sources find reporters through using the app." — Seth Stern, Freedom of the Press Foundation
Today, Microsoft, USAID and Internews are announcing a new public-private partnership to develop a Media Viability Accelerator to support independent media outlets around the world become more financially sustainable through access to market insights and business solutions.
A warm America's Newspapers welcome to our newest member.
The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday proposed that companies should be required to allow consumers to easily cancel paid subscriptions.
Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Build trusted relationships with people who have lived without local news sources for years, by showing up for these communities, listening to them and delivering the content they most want. Make sure the coverage is for these communities, not simply about them.
Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis made the comment in court Wednesday, though he didn’t issue a ruling.
The Messenger, which aims to “rekindle your passion for media” and generate $100 million in revenue in its first year, is acquiring Grid.
The CEO of TikTok made a rare public appearance Thursday before a U.S. Congressional committee, where he faced a grilling on data security and user safety while he makes his own case for why the hugely popular video-sharing app shouldn’t be banned.
While a grand jury considers whether to recommend the indictment of former President Donald Trump, people who can’t wait to see Trump’s arrest are using artificial intelligence to create fake images of him being chased by cops, posing for a mugshot and fighting officers trying to arrest him.
Jessica Phelps, a photojournalist with the San Antonio (Texas) Express-News, is documenting Kryslyn Stanley’s recovery from domestic abuse and her fight to get back on her feet for herself and her daughters.
Ahead of President Biden’s meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the News/Media Alliance is calling on the president to defend local journalism from Big Tech giants seeking to undermine efforts in Canada and the United States that would help save high-quality journalism.
A massive study of Upworthy headlines — remember Upworthy? — shows how a few emotionally charged words can mean the difference between viral and ignored.