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2021 Sales Compensation Study will help your newspaper remain competitive in hiring

There have been so many changes to sales teams over the past year due to the pandemic. Many companies have downsized, more companies are utilizing part-time sellers and embracing remote work, and compensation has been all over the place. Now, as we ease out of the pandemic, companies are rebuilding and find themselves struggling to hire in an extremely competitive job market.

How can you best compete to hire the top sellers? The first step is to share your information in our annual America’s Newspaper/Editor and Publisher/Media Staffing Network Sales Compensation Study.

America's Newspapers sponsors premiere of film about Storm Lake Times

"Storm Lake," from directors Beth Levison and Jerry Risius, follows the Cullens, Iowa's most impressive journalism family. For more than 30 years, Art Cullen, brother John, son Tom, wife Delores and sister-in-law Mary — plus Art's dog, Peach the newshound — have published The Storm Lake Times, a small-town, twice-weekly newspaper that covers critically important local issues and serves as the glue that holds the community together. But, against the backdrop of a collapsing journalism ecosystem and a crushing pandemic, how can the paper avoid the fate of so many other newspapers?
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Industry news
The COVID Olympics get underway

The Olympic games officially open today. Thousands of people, including journalists, have faced a gauntlet of health restrictions to gain access to Tokyo, where COVID-19 cases recently spiked. Before leaving their home countries, reporters were asked to record two negative tests and log health data into numerous apps, which often didn’t work.

CherryRoad Media Inc. launches new newspaper in International Falls, Minnesota

On Friday, July 16, CherryRoad Media Inc. (the media division of CherryRoad Technologies Inc., headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey) distributed Volume 1, Issue 1 of its newest publication, the Rainy Lake Gazette.

Governments created an informational black hole for Indigenous communities and COVID-19

Earlier this year, the Indigenous Investigative Collective, a network of reporters from multiple outlets working collaboratively to investigate stories in Indigenous communities, attempted to report and analyze COVID-19 death numbers in and around the Navajo Nation.

Gaston Gazette honored with Community Empowerment Award

In a column in yesterday's newspaper, Vicky Meeks Clinton, a community organizer and civil rights and social justice activist, announced the presentation of the Community Empowerment Award to her hometown newspaper, The Gaston Gazette. The award was accepted by Kevin Ellis, managing editor on behalf of Lucy Tally, publisher; Will McDonald, former lifestyle editor; and the entire Gazette staff.

Saving Community News: New study released by the James B. McClatchy Foundation

A new report to be released July 27 by the James B. McClatchy Foundation announces the establishment of the Central Valley Journalism Collaborative, a new infrastructure model dedicated to keeping community journalism thriving in California's Central Valley.

Ford Foundation donates $1 million to expand The Times-Picayune and The Advocate’s statewide investigative unit

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) and The Advocate (Baton Rouge) will receive a $1 million gift from the Ford Foundation, one of the nation's largest philanthropic funds, to double the size of the newspapers' investigative team and expand the geographic reach of the papers' reporting.

America's Newspapers welcomes two new members

Welcome to our latest members!

Investigative reporter Bradley Hope: Pegasus spyware revelations a ‘wake-up call for journalists’

Investigative reporter Bradley Hope was named in the Pegasus Project as a journalist whose phone may have been targeted with Pegasus spyware.

A new bill would hold Facebook responsible for COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced new legislation today that aims to finally hold tech companies responsible for allowing misinformation about vaccines and other health issues to spread online.

Inaugural Meeting: Conference highlights, sessions

Putting challenges in perspective: Difficult doesn't mean impossible

"I love journalism," Mi-Ai Parrish told publishers gathered for the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, "and so do all of you. I love that we're watchdogs and storytellers. We're advocates, innovators. We're business strategists and community leaders. We're friends and neighbors, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We help connect our readers to the world and to the communities we serve. We enrich and inform, delight and unite."

How the Battle of New Orleans was Won

The "pirate" marketing tactics that The Advocate employed in the Battle of New Orleans played a key role in helping the paper overtake The Times-Picayune in the fight for dominance.

Hussman encourages all newspapers to adopt Statement of Core Values

In response to requests from a number of individuals since his talk at the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, Walter Hussman Jr. is sharing his Statement of Core Values on this website. He said: "I believe adopting a statement like this can help improve our relationship with our readers as a trusted and professional source on news."
Walter Hussman: Restoring faith in newspapers

Digital-not-so-ready: Initial findings from the GNI Subscriptions Lab

So what are the newspaper participants learning from the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Lab? Hint: Something about themselves.

In battle with digital giants, looking for a 'safe harbor' in Congress

The advocacy interests of America's Newspapers falls right in line with the first topic addressed at the Inaugural Meeting of America's Newspapers. The News Media Alliance's Danielle Coffey talked about frustrations she encounters when lobbying on Capitol Hill and the latest in the newspaper industry's campaign to get a fair revenue arrangement with the digital giants.

Take advantage of a tool everyone already uses: Email

Email is a daily part of millions of American's daily lives. So why aren't newspapers taking advantage of this amazing revenue generating opportunity? News-Press & Gazette Company's Kristen Frey and Observer Media Group's Emily Walsh talked about the insights they've gained from experimenting with email marketing.

Small is the new big: Niche publications that are year-round revenue generators

What do backyard poultry, goats and beekeeping have in common? All are niche interests that have been scaled into reliable revenue generators.

Protecting public notices and the vital information they provide to communities

Many advertisers find the process they must go through to place public notices to be frustrating, Legislators what to change the law to move legal notices out of newspapers (and onto state and local websites) and publishers are doing their best to make the process work. Where's it all heading and what will be key to hanging onto public notices?

Inaugural Meeting: Congrats to our award winners
PJ Browning honored as E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year
PJ Browning: Recipient of E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year Award
Carmage Walls Commentary Prize honors courageous editorial writing
Peter Kovacs, editor of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accepted the Carmage Walls Prize on behalf of Danny Heitman and Lanny Keller.
SNPA's staunchest advocate honored for 43 years of service
Edward VanHorn: Recipient of SNPA's Frank W. Mayborn Leadership Award
Joyce McCullough honored with Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Joyce McCullough: Receipient of the Ray Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Former Forum Communications CEO honored with high Inland award
Lloyd Case: Recipient of the Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award

A new champion for newspapers is born

America’s Newspapers – the association formed from the merger of the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association – was ceremonially launched October 6 at its inaugural meeting in Chicago.