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When subscribers say, 'cancel!'


"Are we doing enough?"

The penalty is $16,000 per violation. The violation for what, you might ask? The FTC and the states have created policy that now requires marketers to provide a "simple mechanism" to cancel a subscription.

Out of adversity comes opportunity. But again you might ask, where is the silver lining? Do you really want me to make it easier and simpler for my subscribers to quit? Newspaper Subscription Services (NSS) pioneered a "simple mechanism" — along with features — that educate your subscribers on the benefits of retaining the subscription, and ultimately modifying the subscription instead of cancelling it.

Transparency is Key to Winning the Stop Save Game.

Audience leaders who fail to provide transparency in their acquisition and retention marketing run the risk of major violations. You should be familiar with ROSCA: Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act. It contains enforcement actions and requires you to clearly and conspicuously provide a simple way for subscribers to cancel and stop.


  • Fail to promptly honor cancellation requests.
  • Allow consumers to ONLY cancel by telephone if they signed up online.
  • Make the cancellation process "drawn out."
  • Fail to cancel accounts after a request has been submitted.


  • Provide a no-cost mechanism to cancel that is as simple as the mechanism used to enroll or sign up the subscriber.
  • Offer a "simple mechanism."
  • Provide "reasonable attempts" to retain a subscriber.

The Benefits.

The NSS solution is a game-changing tool that's added to your retention arsenal. Your trust by consumers, subscribers and the community is elevated when you show how easy it is to do business with you.It saves digital-only as well as print subscriptions. You already say, "Cancel anytime." Now improve the save.

We help you focus on the save:

  • Subscribers will love the customer experience.
  • Provide customers with a true "service."
  • Subscribers more likely to return after a no-hassle stop process.
  • You're short on staff — call on NSS to augment your stop-save marketing.
  • NSS recognizes the subscriber, then provides personalization.
  • The right save path, for the right subscriber, at just the right time.
  • No forced registrations, usernames or passwords for subscribers to interface with NSS.
  • Already live in dozens of markets, let's add yours next!

Don't take my word for it. Read what Pat Leader at the Spokane Spokesman-Review has to say about working with NSS. Her "clear and conspicuous" strategy is paying off.

Simple to get started. NSS results in total save rates of up to 70%. It fluctuates by market. Implementation is a streamlined process to begin and launch. Here are a few other facts to consider.

  • Use with subscriber emails that say, "I want to cancel."
  • Use with your subscription FAQ pages to save the cancel.
  • Use within your existing subscription self-service flow, linking to your new NSS online cancellation intervention app.
  • Streamline your never-ending queue of manager callbacks with smooth automation.
  • Saves subscribers who want to quit due to price, content, service, no time to read, papers piling up and every other objection in the book.

ROI is off the charts.

Every online cancellation intervention solution is custom-tailored to exceed your expectations. If you do only one thing this year, add the NSS online cancellation intervention app. Nothing you do this year will be easier. Recent law changes require you to provide a simple mechanism to cancel. Reported ROI (in some cases) is over 100%! It's not about the cancel, it's about the save. Let's design your program today.

Thanks for reading "Insights" where we strive to create practical how-to advice, real-world case studies, and an entire network of audience professionals to help your subscription business grow. Your success is our success!

And remember, the perfect subscription begins with the perfect retention plan.

Lon Haenel, Chief Client Officer, NSS
Voice: 608-289-4070


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