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7 trends that will allow publishers to capture new revenue in 2023


As publishers review this past year, they are examining budget successes and looking for areas where improvement may be needed. There are a lot of opportunities and positive news for publishers in 2023; here are seven trends that publishers can take advantage of to gain revenues and reduce costs across various advertising categories:

#1 – A decline in Google and Facebook advertising.

Small businesses will be looking for affordable alternatives in 2023, just in time for publishers to offer some. Even $100 ad buys can generate good results with margins of up to 40% for newspapers using AdPortal SMB. Sud Oueste, the third largest newspaper in France and first to market in Europe, has already launched its program.

#2 – Families want more and different memorialization options.

The increasing death rate, a more transient population and the preference for cremation provides an opportunity to grow this important franchise. Publishers are benefiting from’s recent launch of its private-party network that allows digital-first consumers to build and purchase print and digital obituaries right from the media company’s online listings page. Publishers all over the country have extended their obituary franchise by promoting private-party obituaries, adding Tributes special print sections and offering Memoriams’ network placement option. Publishers have discovered that the size of private-party orders is consistently larger than those placed by a third party. And for those publishers looking to provide additional options and services to Funeral Homes and families in their communities, AdPortal Obituaries provides a fully enhanced self-serve option.

#3 – 360 degree automation of all things advertising.

To increase revenues and decrease costs, publishers are automating not just the order-taking, but also the entire advertising workflow across all of their verticals: design, fulfillment across channels, interfaces with production and accounting, and even sending reports back to advertisers. iPublish AdPortal offers complete automation for multiple verticals eliminating the need for cross-training. In fact, this technology allows Gannett to support several verticals and multiple products for hundreds of newspapers from a single call center.

#4 – Processing public notices has migrated online.

The laborious process of manually placing public notices is fast becoming a problem of the past. Once the rules for font size, placement and frequency are configured into AdPortal Public Notices, automating the creation and delivery of affidavits is a snap. Online placement and processing in 2023 will become standard for newspapers interested in saving on costs and preserving the franchise.

#5 – A tightening real estate market creates opportunity.

As interest rate hikes reduce the number of buyers and sellers, real estate agents need more advertising and targeting options to find qualified buyers. AdPortal Real Estate allows publishers to craft multi-platform packages that target areas down to the neighborhood using social and programmatic display advertising —a powerful way for agencies to find both listings and buyers.

#6 – Digital-first generation demands online-ordering.

Most newspapers come into the iPublish family with a desire to solve a burning issue: whether it’s loss of a real estate franchise to an online competitor (yep, we fixed that one), or “help us centralize the call center for 300+ newspapers” (yep, we did that install). However, the preference for online ordering is now mature, and 2023 is a year of opportunity to expand self-serve into multiple verticals. iPublish leads the industry in customizing any vertical for any channel.

#7 – Customized local software solutions will win more battles.

In 2022, publishers who tailored the right combination of self-serve advertising products to specific verticals in their market won major battles for market share including one against a well-funded, national online-only competitor that was taking over the real estate franchise. 2023 will be a year of more wins for publishers offering compelling combinations of programmatic, social media, print display advertising and even WAZE to verticals in their city or region. iPublish AdPortal makes it easy to create and customize these combinations for a newspaper’s specific market.

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